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The recently named 2023 Architectural Review Committee (ARC) met on 3 May. One of the many topics discussed was the state of the neighborhood. While we are all very proud of our neighborhood and the high degree most residents comply with the covenants, there does appear to be opportunities to clean things up.

Thus, the ARC is embarking on a “Spring Cleaning” initiative.

The ARC is going to focus on the storage of trailers/RVs/Watercraft and trash cans as well as general clutter. Beginning in June, ARC members (always in pairs) will make visits to homes that appear to be in violation. These will be informal visits where ARC members will inform residents of a violation and give residents the opportunity to discuss any extenuating circumstances and how/when they plan to get into compliance.

What can residents do to help?


  • Read the covenants (we have listed the references to the targeted sections below and you can find them under HOA Documents on the Peninsula website)
  • Self-assess your property and do what you can to get into compliance
  • Nudge your neighbor if you think they are out of compliance
  • Start a conversation with an ARC member regarding areas where you are struggling to get into compliance.


The ARC is confident that as a community working together, we can take what is good and make it even better.

Architectural Review Committee
Earl Darne
Terry LeBoeuf
Jeff McCall
Chris Papaj

Covenant References


  • Storage of trailers/RVs/watercraft - Section 8.6 of the covenants covers the parking and storing of these. As currently written, residents are not permitted to park trailers, RVs, watercraft, and similar items on their property unless garaged. The ARC recognizes there are occasions where it makes sense to have these items present for a short period of time. In these situations, we the ARC ask that you contact us and inform us of the reason and duration of your temporary parking situation.
  • Trash cans - Section 8.8 of the covenants covers the storage of trash cans. The location of the lot and the orientation of the house will impact how you can store your trash cans. Section 8.8 states “No cans, bags, containers, or receptacles for the storing or disposal of trash, garbage, refuse rubble, or debris shall be stored, kept, placed, or maintained on any Lot where visible from any street…” The ARC interprets this to mean that your neighbors should not be able to see your trash cans, which is the same standard as pool equipment.
  • Clutter - Section 8.5 of the covenants covers the removal of any object that detracts from the visual attractiveness of the subdivision.


Additional Background

Historically the ARC has been an "enforcement" rather than a “policing” group, meaning they primarily rely on residents to call, email or text to lodge complaints. This is opposed to taking a "policing" approach where the ARC would proactively drive around looking for infractions. The ARC believes the enforcement approach is the way most of the residents would like the ARC’s oversight role carried out and provided residents comply with the covenants, by-laws, and design guidelines is the way the ARC would like to proceed.

Overall, the ARC does not receive many complaints and only a handful of those complaints progress beyond an informal discussion. The most common reason for a violation is that residents haven’t read the covenants or are unaware they are in violation. Residents resolve most violations quickly once informed and we do not have to elevate the situation to a formal violation letter or a fine. The ARC has issued less than 5 formal violation letters in the last 2.5 years. The ARC appreciates the responsiveness and cooperation from the residents and is looking forward to seeing our neighborhood continue to improve. 

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 08 August 2023 )
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