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The Peninsula on Lake Granbury.
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Written by Apollo Gibson   
Monday, 09 August 2021

Update: Last Minute Change for Tuesday. Road work moved to Wednesday

The Asphalt plant is currently off line and not able to supply us with the large amount we need for today!! My hope is, and I have been told, we will be able to continue on Wednesday at 8am. I apologize to all of you that have moved your cars, changed your plans and tried to work with us.

Our New Goal is to finish this tomorrow, my volunteers and I are all hoping for the best. Everything we told you for today will be true for tomorrow.

Thanks for your understanding.

Update: Roadwork for Monday & Tuesday (Aug 23 & 24)

Reminder: Road work on Monday and Tuesday will result in only One Lane of traffic for most of each day! Please drive slow and help us by moving to the side streets or edge of driveways when meeting traffic head on. Please Do Not Drive on the newly paved street until the next day, it needs to sit for several hours to Cool down.

We could use some volunteers to help with traffic if you have the time on Monday or Tuesday! Call Bob!

Monday Lane Change: we will be repairing the Outbound lane and paving it on Monday. If you live on West Iberian ct., or along Yucatan on the outbound side, you will need to move your cars off that street fairly early Monday and not back until 5-6 pm. Those on West Scandinavian will also be affected a little later in the day. You Will Not be able to drive over the New paved road til then. All traffic will be from the inbound side on Monday.

Tuesday: everyone from East Iberian and Canaveral must have their cars out by 8am and no one back until late afternoon, please make your plans around that.

The School Bus: We will try to get him down to Scandinavian by leading him in and out and assisting in his turnaround. 

Update: Roadwork for Rest of Week

Because of weather threatening rain both Tuesday and Wednesday the road plans changed.  Tuesday we had to close Scandinavian for a few hours instead of doing half at a time with one lane open for fear rain would cause them to stop work, so they had to do the entire street at one time. Very sorry for the problems that it may have caused.

We are moving the Yucatan paving to Monday and Tuesday next week. Only repairs will be done at the gate this week. We must have two full days on Yucatan and this Friday is out because of the trash truck. Please schedule inbound lane repave on Monday, and out bound on Tuesday.

If you live on Yucatan or a side street, please plan on having your car where you can get to it, or park it later.

Update: Roadwork for Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021

We will be laying asphalt on Scandinavian from 1206, 1205, 1204, 1202, 1201 thru the corner of Yucatan on Tuesday August 17, 2021, plus we will be starting repairs at the front gate!

Sal, Bryan, Duane, Bill, and LD your driveways will be blocked in the AM hours after 8am. We are paving the entire street thru Yucatan.

UPDATE: Roadwork for Monday, Aug 16, 2021

Scandinavian Residents, we are starting work on the circle to repave it at 8am Monday (Aug 16), and to do some repairs in front of the Hallmark's and Meyers's house.

Please Do Not Drive on the repaved circle and repaved repaired area’s Until Dark on Monday!!!!

Road construction will begin on Monday Aug. 16th on Yucatan down to Scandinavian and on East Scandinavian Ct. We will have one lane of traffic in several locations throughout the week. The paving of Yucatan will go down one side with one lane open, so, please be patient with the workers.

Major repairs on East Scandinavian and at the circle will require patience!

Bob Williams

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 24 August 2021 )
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