The Peninsula on Lake Granbury

The Peninsula on Lake Granbury.
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The new gate controller has been installed. We took great steps to make the transition as smooth as possible by keeping most of the user-end processes the same. Since this controller is more advanced and newer than the one we had before, there are a few differences.


1. Remotes. No change. Should work as before.
2. Entry Codes. No "Key Button". Just enter your gate (entry) code.
3. Directory. Essentially the same. If someone calls you from the gate controller, just press "9" to open the gate for them.

Entry Codes: There is no "key" button to push when entering your entry code. You will just need to enter your code on the keypad to open the gate. If you mess up and enter a wrong code or start pushing buttons willy-nilly, just press * to reset and then enter your code. (There is a security feature built-in that after 7 tries, the keypad will lock and be inoperable for a few minutes.)

Your gate code should be the same as before. The data from the old system had to be manually inputted into the new system. I would be surprised if there were no mistakes or typos. I have fat fingers so my typing and data entry skills are bit clumsy. If you have problems, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , and I will check and/or correct the code.

Directory: As like the other controller, this one allows you to grant access to visitors from either your telephone or mobile phone by pressing 9 when they call you from the gate directory.

When a visitor arrives at the gate, they are instructed to find your “Directory Code” by pressing # to enter the directory and navigating it to find your directory code. They will then enter your 3 digit directory code. The system will automatically call you. Your telephone number will never be displayed to the visitor. If the visitor already knows your directory code, they can press # then immediately enter your directory code. For most of you, the first 3 digits of your entry code is your directory code. There are a few exceptions. And you know who you are.

When you answer a visitor’s call, you will be able to talk to the visitor and decide if you want to let them enter or not. There is a limited time allowed for the call (about a minute). During the last ten seconds allowed, beeps will sound to warn you of the limited time. You can press # to extend the talking time or choose one of these options:

  • Press 9 to open the gate for your visitor and then hang up
  • Press * or just hang up to disconnect the visitor without granting access 
Again, the directory codes, and the associated resident name/phone number the controller calls, was taken from the previous system and had to manually be inputted into the new system. I invite all residents to test out the directory system to make sure we have the correct phone number programmed. If there is an issue please let me know ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). If your name is not in the gate directory, we probably do not have a good phone number for you programmed into the system.

Also, a thing about phone numbers. We can use any phone number (landline, mobile, even voip numbers...I think??? haven't tested it) as long as you can dial 9 and it produces a tone that will open the gate. The phone system at the controller is a local landline number, (817) 573-1213. Some area codes and prefixes are considered local where many are considered long distance. (A Fort Worth phone number would be consider as long distance). For those long distance calls, I have to add a 1 to the phone number programmed into the system. I have a list of area codes/prefixes that are considered local that I cross reference, but mistakes could have been made when programmed into the new system. If you test or you have a visitor that calls you from the box and they get that operator voice saying, "the number you have called cannot be completed as dialed" or something to that effect, then I probably need to add a 1 to your phone number. Just let me know, and I will get it corrected.


Last Updated ( Monday, 17 October 2022 )
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