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As we begin to bring 2016 to a close, your HOA Board of Directors would like to communicate to the community what your board is about, some of the things it does and what your board is responsible for. To that end, the board will be sending out email blast and website articles during the next couple of months with various types of information. So, stay tune!!

For starters, we must start from the beginning, when the developers of the community established the rules for owning and developing a lot in the development. Those rules are currently known as the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for The Peninsula on Lake Granbury” (CCR). The CCR allows for the creation of the HOA Board of Directors (BOD) and the HOA Bylaws and the Architectural Committee (ARC). Broken down just a bit further, the ARC then establishes the Design Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for the development of lots and construction of homes in the community. All of these documents are available on the community website at and all property owners should retain a copy of these documents. We will discuss more of the details of the documents, BOD and ARC in future articles and blasts.

The BOD and the ARC are responsible, among other things, for enforcing the CCR and the Bylaws in the community, but does not go out of its way to find violations. The residents of the community do a good job of policing the community for violations and reporting them to the BOD and the ARC. When the BOD and ARC receive the complaints, they are obligated to act, to verify the complaint, and if valid, notify the violator with a friendly reminder of the specific violation. If the violations are not abated in a reasonable time frame additional letters are sent specifying time frame and fine assessments if not abated.

We give this detail in this article to address recent letters sent by the ARC primarily regarding yard maintenance issues. Thankfully, virtually all issues were abated very promptly after a friendly letter from the ARC.

However, as a result of the most recent yard maintenance letters, another concern was brought to light and that is the respect for other people’s property and the common areas of the community. Section 8.9 of the CCR addresses animals and pets, specifically, pets must be kept on leash or otherwise controlled by the owners which includes picking up after them, this is common courtesy. Additionally, golf carts and utility vehicles should not be driven on other people’s property without their permission. Most specifically, the property between, the cul de sacs of Canaveral Ct. and Delmarva Ct that include lot numbers 101,102,132 and 133 is the most frequently violated property. Please be respectful of these properties.

Thank you for helping make the Peninsula on Lake Granbury a great place to live!


Coming soon, an article regarding our annual HOA dues.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 November 2016 )
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