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The Board has fielded several complaints particularly on trash day regarding trash strewn along the street and culverts as a result of 1) animals knocking over trash cans and tearing into trash bags or 2) trash placed in bags outside the of trash containers allowing animals to tear into the trash bags. The ultimate solution to this problem is to strictly enforce 8.8 of the covenants which specify that trash is not allowed to be placed at the street except on the day of trash pickup. Many of us place our trash cans at the street the night before our early morning trash pickup, which is understandable. The board would prefer not to enforce this covenant if at all possible. We believe that there are several things we can do to prevent this trash issue from happening.

1.  Most obvious solution is place you trash can at the street the morning of trash pickup.
2.  Never place trash bags with food scraps etc. outside the trash can.
3.  If you frequently have more trash than your trash can will hold, contact IESI at 817-579-8855 and request an additional trash can.
4.  Place your trash can against your mail box for additional support against an animal knocking the can over.

If you are dog owners, we remind you of 8.9 of the covenants which specifies that all dogs must be kept within a fenced area, leashed or otherwise controlled by the owner at all times.

The other complaint involves vehicles parked on the streets overnight. 8.6 of the covenants specify that no vehicle of any description may be parked overnight on any street (including cul de sacs) in the subdivision.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 16 August 2011 )
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